Wednesday, November 4, 2009

James Cameron's "Avatar"

This will be a great treat for the fans of James Cameron the noted film maker of the era. He is back with a bang after 14 long years and he has titled his fore coming venture as “Avatar” which is ready for the release by December 16th. He has made this project with a whooping budget of 1500 crores the big budget Hollywood movie till date. His new film Avatar is a science fiction epic movie. The story happens in a new world called Pandora, where humans and the native species of Pandora, the Na'vi, engage in war over the planet's resources and existence. The film will be released in 3D and 2D along in IMAX release in selected theaters. The film is a much anticipated for its technical values and it is said to be the technological bench marking for all others film makers in addition to this development of 3D viewing and stereoscopic film making with cameras that were specially designed for the film's production. The movie now itself has taken various adaptations in the form of video games and novelization of the movie “Avatar”.

Avatar Trivia

Written & Directed by James Cameron

Produced by James Cameron and Jon Landau

Starring - Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez,Stephen Lang, Joel David Moore, Giovanni Ribisi, CCH Pounder, Dileep Rao, Matt Gerald, Laz Alonso, Peter Mensah, Wes Studi.

Music by James Horner

Cinematography by Mauro Fiore

Editing by John Refoua


  1. the next judgement day????????

  2. Waitin 4 its release.. Hope it will beat Titanic's records...