Thursday, November 19, 2009

Losing an Invaluable Treasure???

The most awaited answer to the question is still a myth among the world business dons and I am sure anyone will be ready to bet their money on that. And the question is who will be the next head of the great Indian business giant Tata Groups, and the one and only person who knows the solution is none other than Mr.Ratan Tata, the chairman of the 98 companies together under an umbrella, called Tata Groups. Ratan Tata is going to retire by 2012 and he is in the process of formalising his successor. The news claims that the most respected group with economic nationalism is expected to be headed by a foreigner, which is really a shocking one for all the predictors. In an interview, Tata stated that the most of the revenues comes from the overseas and it could also be an expatriate sitting in that position. Its obvious that the company has reached the global presence and in the searching process, some outside consultants also in the race since they are looking both inside and outside the organisation.
The successor maybe expected as young as he or she could be ideally in his 40's and should get atleast 18 months to two years of experience as successor before taking over the responsibility. Even the members from Tata's family are also in the race, its still an ultimate riddle that who will be the successor of the business magnate. Anyways I am also eagerly waiting for the date to be announced legally as like every individual and being an Indian, I am also expecting the next head could probably be an Indian.
Tailbit: The Tata group has 98 companies with the combined annual revenues of $71 billion with 357,000 employees, was setup in 1868 and it has only once been headed by the non Tata, Sir Nowroji Saklatvala, who joined as a clerk in 1899 and raised as the head eventually through his hardwork.


  1. I would want Ratan Tata to tout an Indian Succesor,its not so convinving to name a foreign leader just because a large part of the revenues comes from abroad,the rich Heritage of the Tatas and its brand as a Indian Company will take a beating then.

  2. @praveen: Thats a good thought. But Ratan may think that his most of the businesses are successful in abroad more than our land and it would be helpful for him to grow his biz more. anyways am very happy if your wish comes true.