Sunday, November 22, 2009

Red Alert: An Impending Disaster on the Cards...

You might have heard the awareness lectures about the global warming and related stuff which is said to be one of the major cause for the mass destruction and the unprecendeted deterioration of the Earth's age. But how many of us aware about its effects in depth and ready to care or cure it? Researchers have already warned us about a prospective disaster has already begun in Antarctic (ice) ocean which is started melting and another equally threatening disaster is on the cards. Scientists from a gravity-measuring satellite mission stated that the East Antarctic ice sheets has been losing its mass for the last three years. The scientists themselves wondered about the finding because the East Antarctic giant has been thought to be stable unlike the west. The critical issue which makes the researchers worried about is, the West Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are already losing their mass through melting. These two regions of ice itself contains enough water level to raise the sea level about 20feet (six to seven meters) and if East Antarctica would have added, then the effect will be abnormal but the scene has started since 2006 and it may cause the sea level to raise about 50 feet approximately. They felt surprised to see the changes in the East Antarctica but the loss is still less in contrast with the West Antarctica. But measuring Antarctic ice loss is not that much easy as we think because the continent itself is rising and deforming. But the thing is its not melting only because of high temperature since the air temperatures are well below zero, but the lakes under the ice sheet starts overflow and caused glaciers to speed up their way towards the sea.

This caution awakens us to the fact that the East Antarctic sheet is more effective than what we thought and we need to pay attention to it since its potential to raise the sea level is so much greater than West Antarctica as well as Greenland. Unfortunately we are also responsible for this major cause but there is nothing much to do now and we got to prepare ourselves to face the consequences.


  1. its an alarming news. what if all the iceberg melt? it can erase some contries and it will be disastrous. i saw a documentary in nat geo that the people in small island like in micronesia(not sure of specific name of the island) are the first global warming refugees.

  2. Oh God!! cant get worse than this. Humans have proved time and again that they themselves are their frankensteins and this disastrous news reiterates the same. We have to stop the sitaution from proliferating further. Its time for action. Save the earth. Save Humans.