Thursday, November 12, 2009

Renault- Nissan Get Set go!

Good news is waiting for all who is having passion with new cars especially for the people who always tries the best with the cheaper cost. At present, the cheapest car in the world is the Indian firm giant Tata’s latest hit NANO ($2000). To beat this record, French car maker Renault with its partner Nissan targeted the Indian market to make the cheapest car than Tata NANO. Renault has planned to make it for India, will cost less to produce than Tata’s NANO. The price of the new car is not yet confirmed and the design and the manufacture will be done by Bajaj while the Renault Nissan will look after the marketing. The car will be planned to launch by 2012 aimed mainly at the Indian market and also exports are a possibility. Renault also says it will be very fuel-efficient. Anyways the healthy competition between the car giants will believe to provide us more and more good and cheaper cars in future. Let’s get ready for the great ride.

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