Monday, November 30, 2009

Are you a Male? Congrats!!!

What would be your reaction if you were happened to face any danger? well there are some options in front of you to do as like fight against it, surrender(!!!), run away from it etc., whatever maybe the action, the recent scientific (funny) brain scan study in Poland on men and women, like how they respond differently to danger. They have approached 21 men and 19 women for this study and finally concluded that men showed activity in dealing the situation of what action needs to be taken to confront the danger or to avoid it, whereas women were emotionally sensed in those kind of circumstances. Men and women were given an images of objects and images from ordinary life designed to evoke different emotional states and their brain activities were monitored.
The study has been conducted in two different schedules, for the first one, only positive images and other were only negative. Men showed more activity in an area of the brain called the left insula, which plays a key role in controlling involuntary functions, including respiration and heart rate. This does not tells that men will always fight against it, but their brain works soon to either run away from the danger or confront it. this is so called, "Fight or Flight Response!!!". But conversely men responds to be less emotional. Anyways Kudos for the one who tends to fight, and those who tends to start run, double Kudos for you (well, your brain acts very faster nah!!!)


  1. I belong to second category..:)

  2. @VJ: yeah VJ... most of us will fall in that category only.. And we'll proudly say that we are having a very active brain..:)