Tuesday, December 1, 2009

IMEI: Chinese sets are not the target

Indian government is going to ban millions of mobiles which possess no IMEI number on December 1st of 2009. This is one of the hot news among all the Indians who doesn't have the IMEI number especially for the people who are using Chinese as well as Korean equipments. But what is this IMEI? International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique 15 digit code to prevent the usage of stolen mobile sets from calling and helps to track down a specific user. IMEI number helps preventing the illegal activities, unwanted or fake calls from the stolen mobiles etc., but many of us does not know how to find their IMEI number. Here are the steps to get your mobile's IMEI number.

1. Ensure that your mobile phone is powered ON and the display must be clear.
2. Press the following keys *#06#
3. When you press the last #, you will get 15 digit serial number which is the IMEI number for your phone.
4. Please save this number and make use of it, when you lost your mobile.

If you couldn't able to find in this way, then follow the below steps

1. Remove the battery from your mobile.
2. Look on the phone for a white sticker, there would be a 15 digit or 17 digit number which is your IMEI. Exclude the forward slashes and letters, the first 15 digits would be the IMEI.

It is estimated that around 25 million Chinese phones in the country without IMEI number, but readers who were using Chinese mobile sets need NOT to panic. Contact your mobile operator and ask them to implant IMEI number on your phone.

NOTE: The government doesn't hate Chinese phones as many people start comment about the rule, but it hates the phones which do not have an IMEI number, still there is no proper response till date.

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  1. hey tat was really informative da sply for a person like me who finds lazy to watch news ...i will not down my IMEI no now itself