Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Paranormal Activity: A Horror Phenomenon

"Don't watch it alone or, if you are of a nervous disposition, don't watch it all"- This is the comment received from the most of the viewers for newly released Hollywood scary movie Paranormal Activity. The movie is believed to be based on the true story which happened in US, and after many cuttings in the labs and after many limited releases, it reached widescreen all over the world. Now its been rated that its one of the scariest movies of all time. Obviously its a potent fright fest that will fry your nerves and creep you out. The movie is presented in a documentary style in a single house using the 'found footage' from the handy cam set by the couple to find what haunting them. One of the rare films that actually lives up to and is deserving of its considerable hype. On the whole I can say it as one of the scariest at home-viewing experiences ever.


  1. oh man, i watch its trailer and im sure i can't bare to watch this movie. I think if i do, i will freak out.

    are you going to watch it? well, good luck man... bring more popcorn! :)

  2. hei i watched this movie its really scariest movie i've ever watched u too watch with your bunch of friends you can enjoy caution: dont watch it in night

  3. i will surely watch da..but by the way u have said..i am pissed off now itself let me see how i am after watching the movie