Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Super Star got his name? an Unknown trivia

We all know that our super stars original name is Shivaji rao but most of us don’t know how he turned to rajinikanth. Here is the sweet incident behind this transition. The legendary director K.Balachander casted our super star in his “Aboorva Raagangal” which is his debut into the Tamil cinema. He completed the shoot and at the time of dubbing Balanchander sir called rajinikanth and told there is already a great actor with your name and rao doesn’t suits for Tamil films so you choose another name for yourself which will be apt for Tamil cinema. But shivaji rao gave this responsibility to the director himself. Then Balachander sir told in my play “Major chandrakanth” he has two sons one is “Srikanth” and the other is “Rajinikanth” as there is an actor in the name of srikanth. He named shivaji rao as Rajinikanth and then he started to create wonders on screen and off screen with his huge fan following


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