Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bill Clinton to Woods

It is always a fashionable question "Why men cheat on their wives?". It is difficult to find the solution and you will get infinite counts popping up this subject. That's because a recent study says that half of the men tends to cheat their wives apparently they won't admit to it. we have many samples for this right from the former US President Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky, which caused major shook amonst the US politicians (ofcourse to this world too), former tennis legend Boris Becker who got divorced from his wife to the latest hot chip Tigerwoods, we have many examples which are very closer to our life. When you look at these happenings a big question is raised why men cheat? But a study says that it is a natural instinct in them to have more than one partner unfortunately our system doesn't encourage to do so that they have possesion in their mind to have pleasure with more women. Men are biologically programmed to do so hence there is nothing to blame them. But do men always have a reason to cheat his wife? And do you think cheating is done only by men? Our social dynamics has changed in recent years and when it comes to Woods or to a common citizen, there is no specific reason for infidelity I guess they do for an excitement. But I think it is a very vast subject that could be endlessly debated.

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  1. hi! well, if someone is rich and famous, it will be a magnet for trouble... and believe me they wont attempt to resist. they will notice it that they're not in the right track when everything falls apart.