Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A journey to "Pandora"

This weekend we are all going to travel to a new planet “Pandora” which is created by ace director James Cameron for his latest big budget extravaganza “Avatar”. He said the designing process of the Pandora and for all of this took two years before the actual shooting started. First of all how Pandora looks. It has a big sized rock formation which hangs out miles above the ground, under water plants glowing like giants, irises seeds pulsating through the air like jelly fish. For this movie the director has created two different worlds one with highly technological society with heavy duty vehicles and weapons and another is Na’vi society who are from Pandora. The Na’vi race is humanoid with 10 feet tall and blue toned skin but highly adjustable to their environment. Pandora is highly exotic world and never before experience for the audience has he also added “we wanted to remove the creatures and flora from being Earth-like, just enough to remind you that you’re on another world, but at the same time, you’d find them accessible.” Cameron referred creatures of coral reefs & kelp forests he has seen at abyssal depths to create Pandora and its myriad flora and fauna. He also told that the cast of the film has given extensive training to get acquainted with the environment of Pandora and to speak the Na’vi language fluently. OK friends get ready for an exciting experience!!!!

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  1. i wish i can go to pandora, where i can see some magnificent creatures...