Monday, November 16, 2009

Attention Kids: A Chemical Gender Bender

Its a global fact that plastics are most harmful for human beings as well as animals and it is almost banned in many public places and hotels. Even though most people are still not aware of that, the usage of plastics in the public places are far reduced especially for the food products and preservatives. But knowingly or unknowingly, we are making our next generation's life in a great risk. I am not telling about the day to day usage of plastics which affects the health, spoils our environment, blah blah blah!!! But a kind of substance called "phthalate", which will be added in the plastic toys used by the kids, have the ability to disrupt the hormones which alters the brain of the baby boys and making them "more feminine". US researchers have reported this shocking news and the more findings are there in the International journal of Andrology. The thing is, phthalates are already banned in toys but however it is widely used in the different household items including plastic furnitures and packaging and especially in the KIDS TOYS. The research has been conducted for the women who gave birth to boys and girls and they were followed up the scientists. Finally they have found that the boys exposed to high levels of these wombs were less likely than other boys to play with rougher games. By the usage of plastics, the world is now facing the great problem which can mean boys are now born with genital abnormalities. This feminism capacity of phthalates makes them true gender benders.

Unfortunately the development in the science will also leads us to great harms and this is one of them. Even though the banners are saying "Say No to Plastics" worldwide, we have ended up it with banners alone and not ready to implement it, which shows our illeteracy and carelessness. Let us create a new phrase "Say No to Plastics!!! Save our Children".


  1. oh no... male gender would be at risk! so alarming... yeah SAy No to Plastics, Save our Children.

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