Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rays won the race

Have you ever wondered about the scientific inventions made in the world? Recently a survey on top inventions made till date was conducted by the science museum in London, Should we be asked to comment, most of us would have ended up saying computers, rockets etc., It will be little surprising to hear the result that, leave alone the commercial needs, the first three positions were filled by medical inventions/discoveries. Yes, the X-Ray machine was rated first followed by the discoveries of penicillin and the DNA double helix structure. Out of 50,000 people who were surveyed,one in five people opined that X-ray machine has heavily impacted the past,present and future as x-rays made it possible to look inside the human's body without cutting them open or operating them. And it goes without saying that the invention of X-ray is a huge leap-forward in medical science.
The top ten most rated inventions in the survey are listed below.

1. X-ray machines
2. Penicillin
3. DNA double helix structure
4. Apollo 10 capsule
5. V2 rocket engine
6. Stephenson's rocket
7. Pilot ACE computer
8. Steam engine
9. Model T Ford
10. Electric telegraph

Also the informations about all the above inventions are displayed at the science museum in London. One thing that is so evident from the poll is that people will always vote for innovations that are creative and healthy and not for the ones that threatens the well being of the world.


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  3. yup, these devices are necessary to us... :)