Friday, October 30, 2009

IT leaders trust Microsoft than Google

In the fast growing software market Google is becoming the major threat for Microsoft as it’s expands its boundaries beyond search engine now it’s also stepping into business application which is the strong hold of Microsoft till now. But when it comes to trust most of the Chief Information Officers are with Microsoft. In a recent survey conducted by a leading organization polled a 90-member panel of U.S. IT executives and asked "Who do they trust more as a technology partner, Microsoft or Google?" in the first 12 respondents 8:4 votes for Microsoft. Even though Google provides its service with less expense, speed up deployments, and provide users with a simpler experience. But apart from all these things Google has to convince the IT leaders to transfer their company datas from the internal servers to Google’s data centre with all the privacy, security, and compliance risks that such a move entails, reports TechRepublic.

Mr. Donna Trivison, Director of IT for Ursuline College, commented on this trend that, "There seems to be some conventional wisdom that Google is the answer to what's been wrong over the years in the Microsoft universe. That kind of thinking may be dangerous. As consumers of technology, we need to keep each and every business partner honest and working for us. Handing trust carte blanche over to Google because, as the wisdom goes, they are good citizens seems misguided to me. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Microsoft because they have withstood the scrutiny their misdeeds have landed them. Google remains, for the most part, untested."

Lance Taylor Warren, CIO of H.A.W.C. Community Health Centers, also added that, "Neither. While some of the technology that Google has been releasing is intriguing, their track record of leaving things in 'beta' for years does not lead to a high level of confidence. Microsoft is Microsoft. If I had to pay full price for their products, I would have to give serious consideration to other solutions." So this confrontation will come to an end soon but who is going to win the trust of IT people. Let’s wait & watch.


  1. bt google makes it one day...

  2. The information available in Google are not authenticated. Even you can give your views in this blog. But only few people come and read like us :P. But microsoft is different.