Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brain-Computer Interfacing

You can communicate your thoughts to the other person without speaking a word? Its not a fairy tale but it is going to happen in few years. Yes you can able to share your thoughts and even images to another person without keyboards or telephones but through your brain. Mr.Christopher James a leading scientist and a researchers of the British University of Southampton has revealed this information. He also adds that this technology will be a boon for disables he states that the technology allows people to send thoughts, words, images directly to the minds of others. He also reveals that “This would be useful for those people who are locked into their bodies, who cant speak, cant even blink”.

This experiment were baby steps towards the advancement in the technology. The scientist names this technology as “Brain- computer Interfacing” he briefs about this is this technique which allows computers to analyse brain signals, that enables them to send messages formed by a persons brain signals through an internet connection to another person’s brain miles away. James also say that during the transmission two people were connected to electrodes that measure activity in specific parts of brain. The first person generated a series of zeros and ones, where they imagined moving their left arm for zero and right arm for one. After the first persons computer recognizes the binary thoughts, it sends them to the internet and then to the other persons computer. Then a lamp is then flashed at two frequencies for one and zero. He also clearly adds that “this is not telepathy”. James told that “the next experiments are to get that second person to be aware of the information that is being sent to them.


  1. nice. Through this we can send any unwanted thoughts and say that there is a bug in the interface.