Monday, January 4, 2010

Yet Another High Drama!

You may think that the title itself seems to be idiotic and really whose story is the movie "3 Idiots". Before the movie was released, every common individual (including the Author of the novel) believed that the story is based on the bestseller "Five Point Someone" and the talks were being held for almost an year. But after the release, movie makers have completely disagreed with this and they wore a sole coat for the story and no one is ready to accept that the movie which had some inspiration from the novel. Only the common people who have seen the movie as well as read the novel, have the rights to comment on it I guess. Now I have the rights to comment here since I have done both. It is completely acceptable that the screenplay of the movie is totally changed and it never resembled the FPS novel. But the fact is the storyline as well as some of the knots in the movie are tied from the novel and I don't know why Aamir Khan and Hirani are not ready to accept it. Frankly telling, the plot of the story, the narration, and the definition for "machine" etc., are same as the book. But Aamir had accused Chetan Bhagat trying to steal the credit from the storywriter of the movie and vice versa. But I wonder why the film makers didn't speak out that the story is their own and not based on any novel before the movie was released and why did they have contract with Chetan as per his words? However it maybe, it is appreciable that the film makers haven't done any copy, paste stuff (if they had really inspired from the novel) and the movie is really a feel good category, 100% entertainer. Even the controversies are the great boost-up for the movie's publicity and it really falls under one of the greatest ever hits of Aamir Khan.

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