Monday, January 11, 2010

Cigarettes Please, says Deepika

Apart from the same kind of stories like a poor guy who fall in love with the girl and finally how he succeeds in achieving the girl's love in the climax, bollywood is awaiting for a new kind of funny psychological thriller, titled Karthik Calling Karthik. Farhan Akhtar, the film maker and actor, is holding hands with an heartthrob Deepika Padukone this time. This is not only a special film for Farhan but Deepika too. She is playing a very modern girl who smokes, Farhan advises her not to smoke and eventually getting her quit to smoking(Really a different story!!!) . The moment she heard to smoke for the film, she never accepted it, fear of getting addicted into it. To make her rest of the feeling, film makers had planned to offer an organic cigarette which is no harm for her as well as environment. Finally the Bangalore beauty is now smoking an (organic) cigarette at the sets. Hope its going to be a very long Ad film which says the message “Smoking is injurious to health”.

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