Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who will be Starred in Spider Man-4?

The race for the next Spiderman has begun and the film makers are in serious hunt for the one who can fill the space of Tobey Maguire because the film makers have bid Good Bye to him. They have chosen 10 guys and one among them would be the next spider(!!!). You know, there are really some hotties in the list and most probably it would be Daniel Radcliffe. Alright, I can read your pulse. Calm down. Very soon, he is going to retire from his routine job as a Harry Potter, a boy with scar in his forehead etc and going to hit the big screens as a short spidey. The producers are currently in a process of rebooting the Spider man in a younger and in more contemporary way. The others who are in the race are Zac Efron (22), Robert Pattinson (20), Daniel Radcliffe (20), Shia LaBeouf (23), and Jaden Smith (11).T

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