Tuesday, January 12, 2010

King Khan "Aamir Khan"

Being the superstars of the Indian cinema, when it comes to non-film, both the khans are as different as chalk and cheese. SRK never let the financial opportunity to go off but Aamir in turn proves that he is a person who sees for the quality, not money. A source revealed, when Shah Rukh Khan asked to release the book of the Management Guru, Arindam Choudry, earlier this month in Delhi, SRK demanded Rs.30 Lakhs. But when the book author approached Aamir Khan for his book launch, he in spite of demanding money, agreed for the launch on one condition that he has to read the book first, if he likes it, then only he will accept the deal. The author is now waiting for Aamir’s response. Can you guess how much Aamir would charge for the honours? It is ZERO rupees. When he asked why, he replied that it would insult the Hindu goddess of learning Saraswati if you try to make money out of such things. Hats off to Aamir!!!

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