Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is Avatar really Cameroon's own imagination???

Here the news I am going to tell here is really makes you piss off!!! Now it’s the season of Avatar flu and the movie is now heading to set the new history in the world movies and the fruit he gets will make him to survive even in his next life too. But can you believe that the story line of Avatar might be stolen or be inspired from anybody's creation? Yes its hard to believe, but you will find it out if you read the "Noon Universe" by the Soviet Union Science Fiction writers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky . The novel written in the year 1960 and there exists a great similarities between the movie and the novel, which are the name Pandora, a green and lushly forested planet and the events of both take place in 22nd century. Arkady has died in 1991 and his existing brother Boris Strugatsky stated that he hasn't yet seen the movie and so couldn't comment on it, when he was asked about the similarities. However James Cameroon had denied ripping off any ideas and said the the sci-fi flick was his own imagination. He also told that he is having trilogy for the movie, Sam Worthington is signed for it.

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