Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yes, in a recent research made by Dr. Sei Lee of San Francisco VA Medical Centre and colleagues have found that moderate drinkers are wealthier and more educated than others, also moderate alcohol consumers have a long life which was concluded in the new study. A drink a day mitigates a person’s risk of dying over the next 4 years. After undergoing various experiment and study and also accounting for several factors that affect alcohol use, they found that moderate alcohol consumers were still 28% less likely to die than non-drinkers. The study on this issue was first published in 1923. But still there is a confusion going on in this topic that moderate drinkers are healthier than non-drinkers, or alcohol itself used in moderation benefit health? So in order to get a conclusion for this study they have looked at 12,519 men and women who are aged 55 and older. During the 4 years of follow up, 14% of non-drinkers died, where as 7% of moderate drinkers and 12% of people who consumed 3 or more pegs a day also died. At the end of the day Lee and his colleagues found that people who had a peg a day had a higher socioeconomic status than the non-drinkers as measured by wealth, income and years of education. And an additional information which was concluded in the study was non-drinkers were also more likely to have functional disabilities like difficulties in dressing up themselves, to defeacate and the list goes on. So Drink Less and Stay Healthy. Make sure you dont cross limits. Cheers!!!!!!!!

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