Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jai Ho!!!!!!! Failed To Be....

Jai ho once again captured the top lines of all newspapers & journals few weeks ago. But this time it failed to make a mark in the history. The word which got the international accreditation by our Rehman Contested in one more competition it was the war of the words that who is going to be the “One Millionth Word” of the Global Language Monitor. As everyone knows English is the one with the borrowed words and still it’s getting words from everywhere in the universe (that’s why it might be termed as universal language???).And the race for the millionth English word finally comes to an end with Web 2.0 winning it.Austin, Texas-based global language tracker, announced the lucky word!!!!. Web 2.0 is defined as a technical term which means “the next generation of World Wide Web products and services”. It has crossed from technical jargon into far wider circulation in the last six months.

And one more interesting thing is the other words which contested in the competition were Jaiho, noob, Slumdog and cloudcomputing. The two Indian words which are extracted from the film failed to make history and the interesting fact is Jaiho- 999,999th word and slumdog- 999,997th word.

In addition, to this 1,000,001st word is Financial Tsunami - The global financial restructuring that seemingly swept out of nowhere, wiping out trillions of dollars of assets, in a matter of months

Tail bit: At Global Language Monitor current rate, English generates about 14.7 words a day or one every 98 minutes.

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