Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Are Indians again got struck in match fixing?

I think you people wouldn’t have forgotten the T-20 World cup Championship which was hosted by England few months ago. In that tournament our Indian team was miserably sent out with super eight. But now the mystery behind that is coming out. In an interview to a leading newspaper Indian Lacto KING has said that “I never thought that I would get involved in match fixing but the amount was huge and I couldn’t control myself” he also added that he takes all the responsibility and the other three key players also co-operated with him by going with his words. They have also told that “we lost to south Africa to prove that we are not in form but this match was not fixed”

But an initial report tells us that Indian spinner has initiated the deal. When he was produced in front of the enquiry chair person he loosens the lays that “the key batsmen of the team started everything so when the top players involved in this why shouldn’t I earn money” (this was a nice justification given for a noble cause!) also he added that “even the most popular first class T20 tournament are being fixed”. One more tail bit info is the board has given a huge amount to get easy teams for us in the league matches!!!! When I read this info I got Bernard Shaw’s famous quote on cricket “11 fools are playing and 11 thousand fools are watching “ but now only the second half is becoming true

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