Tuesday, July 7, 2009


How many of you are ready to raise your hands and say "I have enough stamina"….. oops!!! I think it’s a wrong question to the youth since we knowingly or unknowingly failed to build it…. Most of us think that stamina is nothing but spending an hour or two in a gym everyday, running around the ground simply termed as jogging, playing etc….. maybe those things helps us to get something related, but most of the doctors preferred MEDITATION… there is nothing to say as this is the way to control your mind, soul etc since everyone knows it… but meditation for 20 minutes per day builds our stamina to the extreme… its interesting and new to us but most of the people would say like its not easy to do, and not that easy to attain that level. Do not listen to them, I say JUST IGNORE THOSE WORDS. Meditation is very easy to do and it comes by daily practice. Its easy to spend 15 to 20 minutes per day instead of wasting energy and time in any other useless methods. And there are too many websites and books to learn how to do meditation coz if you do it wrongly, then it wont help.

ITS TRUE - For your extra information,
You cannot divert your mind when you are involved in two things . One is MEDITATION and other is SEX. Meditation helps to have good sex and increases your strength in bed.

Have you decided to start doing meditation, but have confusion with what and how to do???
Don’t worry it will be continued in chapter-2

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