Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As BCCI has announced that , it may include some new teams in the third season of IPL. Keralite’s are the first to enter in to the competition. Veteran director priyadarshan has joined hands with his childhood buddy and kerala star Mohanlal, to form thier new IPL team for thier soil. He also adds that there are lots of youngsters in Kerala and Tamilnadu waiting to get a break.They have the talent but lack of exposure and world class training facilities. Now they both are working towards their dream with the tacit support of Kerala cricket association, affiliated to BCCI. Mohanlal, says “we’re trying to nurture local talent as the most successful IPL. The duo has roped in Shashi Tharoor, the new union minister of state for External Affairs as chairman of thier team, to be called city cricketers. Two NRIs and a few corporate are willing to fund the project which cost around 250 crores. Former Indian player and fielding coach Robin Singh has been signed as the technical director, “ the KCA will approach the BCCI with our proposal and if all goes well we will start our IPL innings next year” concludes Priyadarshan.

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