Monday, June 15, 2009

Where they went wrong?

In spite of having a good & strong alliance miss.Jayalalitha failed to make a mark in the parliamentary elections 2009. Even though the opposition alliance was very weak and the ruling party had a lot of flaws with them. But still she was unable to finish with a decent total. This is being a big question among the party men. Miss.Jayalalitha was considered as the front runner and the king maker before the poll results were announced. Even congress men were ready to pack AIADMK in their alliance. But what happened they were pushed to a pathetic stage of just winning only 9 seats.
The reasons behind their failures are the three main reasons
· Wrong strategy of campaigning
The first big disaster was DMDK. The party contested in all 40 seats but faced a huge failure even then they have split the anti-DMK votes. Which was initially went to AIADMK. DMDK decided the winning side in 14 constituencies. And they are
· Virudhu nagar, Villupuram , Sriperumbudur
· Theni, Kallakuruchi, Nagapatinam
· Krishnagiri , Siva Gangai, Chennai (central)
· Cuddalore, Tirunelveli , Chennai (north)
· Kanchipuram, Dindigul

In this article I too want to mention the words of the senior journalist Mr.Cho Ramaswamy he said “DMDK is not an alternate for the both Dravidian giants. Those who think it as a alternate are fooling themselves”.
So AIADMK failed to explain the people that votes to DMDK is hopeless and it has no value. If they would have explained this successfully their winning margin would be increased.
The next important reason is miss.Jayalalitha’s wrong strategy of campaign. Actually there are lots of complaints against the ruling party in the state like frequent power cut; high bus fare, rise of inflation etc. but she took the wrong issue in her hand for campaigning and that is Sri Lankan Tamil issue. She concentrated on it more than that of the day today problem which didn’t reach the people properly.
As the assembly elections are ahead Miss.Jayalalitha has to bring DMDK in her allies or she should split the opposition allies if she can make any one of the thing possible. She is sure to get the power.

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