Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Chennai

Its time to celebrate this weekend with Chennai. Yes, our Chennai city is having another birthday bash today. Let's see some of the identities of ancient Chennai which are museum, marina beach, fort etc including latest metro rail. But our city is changing with times and now we got some new identities for our city and they are peak hour traffic jam, hot sunny summer, cine malls, IT corridor and the list goes on. We people in this heritage city have also changed with times. As our city lost some of our identities, we also start to lose our identity. We lost our culture, mannerism and well disciplined behaviour in the long travel of the city. It’s one of the safest place in our country and we don’t have any external force to create problem in our city but ourselves. We pollute the city, we just don’t care about it and we exploit by misusing its resources. The worst case is nowadays beaches are becoming strictly prohibited area for children. And I don’t want to mention about the ECR, as you people aware what ECR is famous for. But apart from all these things, Still Chennai is a very secular city and is a mass of classes. People from any class can run their life sophisticatedly with their income. And our city has given people who brought all the richest awards to add a feather in our crown. Dr.Sir.C.V.Raman-noble prize. Our Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan got the prestigious honorary, one day-mayor of New York and he was the second Indian who got this honor after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. And the latest is Mozart of Madras, music director A.R.Rehman has got two academy awards and one golden globe. When compared to other metro-politan cities, we are well built and very cool. Let us feel proud to be a part of our city.

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