Saturday, August 29, 2009

Harris Jayaraj – Hunt New Tunes

It was a day the movie “minnale” released, it has created the great impact on Tamil music world, just because of its music by debut Harris Jayaraj, followed by a number of massive hits with heart touching melodies and peppy, rock numbers. Since the days are running I don’t know what happened to his innovative tunes. In recent days some of his tunes seems to be repeated again by himself. Few days back “Aadhavan”'s audio has been released and he has composed 6 numbers for the album. Most of the tunes in the album are repeated tunes of Harris. It is really a sad news for his fans. The song “Yaenno panithuli” from Aadhavan resembles “Manjal veyil” from “Vaetayadu Villayadu” and “Illamai ullasam” from”Unnale Unnalae”. Another one “Hasile Fisile” opening lines resembles "Ada gada” from “Sathyam” and “Vaarayo Vaarayo” is a repeated tune from his last Surya starred flick “Ayan’s” “Naenjae Naenjae”. Though his songs are good and well to listen, it makes us to realize his previous hits. What happened to the composer who has given many foot tapping notes? We should have a fresh feel when we hear a new album so that it will reach audience directly. But if we finds it as a repeated one we won’t mind to listen it. Harris! please go for a Minnale era.

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