Monday, August 24, 2009

Thunder BOLT

Can anybody think that a person would cross 100mts in 9.58 seconds and 200mts in 19.19 seconds? A 23 years old young has set the records of the above. The unstoppable Jamaican Usain Bolt holds the world records of 9.58s in 100mts, formerly by 9.69s and 19.19s in 200mts. Not only this as well as 14.35s in 150mts, 45.28s in 400mts. He would be very relaxed and comfortable in the stadium before he starts his incomparable races. When he was asked about his cool mentality, “I was saying, ‘I look cool,’ ” he said “I was just happy. I was just looking at myself and I was like, ‘That guy’s fast.’ I’m just proud of myself. It’s just a great feeling. I can’t really explain it.” Before Bolt’s career started, Michael Johnson, the great athlete who holds many world records including 200mts was our hero and as the famous quote states “Records are made to be broken”, Johnson’s was broken by Bolt and now all are comparing him with Johnson. But Bolt replied that he really doesn’t like comparing himself and Johnson,just because he trying to be himself and Johnson was a great athlete who revolutionized the sport and Bolt just changed it a little bit. Anyways it is acceptable that he made a tremendous effort to done this. Obviously from the race, he can go faster than the 9.69s in the Beijing Olympics. But we all knew he was having fun in the last 20m, celebrating and breaking the world record. That's awesome. But he can probably go under 9.58 in his forthcoming races, but I am not very good at predictions. I just love to see things unfold. And for sure records are made to be broken; let’s see who will break Bolt’s 9.58s and 19.19s records in the future.


  1. I Saw that live. He is capable of creating more like this.

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  2. bolt that he is aiming for 9.4.. i think he is more than capable ...