Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome the Evolution

Its an unanimous fact that transgenders are still not recognized and remain estranged by the society. Our politicians should take the responsibilty to make transgenders’ life atleast worthy rather than ignoring them all together. Its praise worthy that some social organizations are showing interests to empower their life but their endeavours are yet to show some conceivable results for it needs a paradigm shift in our mindset and social warmth we extend to them.

I am very proud to be a chennaite, as the Tamilnadu government has taken some radical measures to identify transgenders as a separate sex. Being the first state to take such a leap forward , Tamilnadu will now host a beauty pageant for the transgenders to help the community fight the social stigma. The organizers of the “Miss India contest” for transgenders in Chennai have scheduled the contest on December 19th of 2009 and are expecting around 150 participants across the country. It is India’s maiden beauty pageant for transgenders . It does not stop with this , there are other contests for ‘Miss Beautiful Hair’, ‘Miss Beautiful eyes’, ‘Miss Beautiful skin’ titles as well. The only criterion to stage the cat walk is the person who wish to take part and seize the title(s) will need to declare she is a transgender. Also discussions are already on for conducting various events to spread awareness to improve their standards of living. The organisers plan to expose the participants to health awareness programmes since the community has been found to be a high risk group in the HIV-AIDS index.

I hope this will be a good start for their betterment and we all should accept the fact that they are none other than a human being. Let’s welcome the new evolution and wish them all the success.

*Tamilnadu- One of the state in India.


  1. By doing all these things transgenders wont get there respects. In daily life we seeing them, most of then are scaring us only. This is there major fault. If they are normal humans then y they are doin like this. But the step taken by our government is really good.

  2. @priya: i think you are wrong. our society is neglecting them and thats why they are forced to behave like that. if they are accepted by the society, then there is no need for them to act differently.