Monday, September 7, 2009

Need a Change

Is our education system really imparting values in our people? This still remains an unanswered question for quite a long time now and remains unanswered. We spend almost 20% of our lifetime in studies and some who aspire more may spend even more than that. Our schools mainly focus on rankings and coach students to secure high marks but they care very little about the pupils’ conceptual understanding. Do you really think whether our conventional system provides enough practical education? If there happens a survey on this, a majority will vote in the negative. Sadly, our prime concern is securing marks of 80% and above but we ignore the knowledge part enmasse. And this negligence backfires when our mentally starving youth step out of college in search of a job. A recent survey sheds light at this plight, While the IT industry is in dire need of Professionals, the number of job worthy candidates are too less. And moreover the schools and colleges largely encourage people to become employees and fail to motivate them to aspire to become entrepreneurs. That is why our entrepreneurs quotient are comparatively less and employees quotient is really high a large number of whom does not meet the expectations. So where are we lagging in our education systems? My suggestion to our powerful leaders(!!!) are to bring in a paradigm shift and change the school education practically, based on the knowledge instead of marks. And motivate people to think innovatively, laterally, logically whatever maybe the word. This will help us to produce great employees, entrepreneurs, scientists etc. Hope you will agree with me and feel free to comment if you have different opinions or want to add a few more thoughts.

*I am not saying about all the schools but majority falls.

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