Thursday, February 19, 2009


In this post we discuss the beauty of the gal's face, it appears, is mathematically quantifiable. So gals please read it and check it out with your face.
Overall shape
If you were to draw a pencil line, starting about half-an-inch above the eyebrows and ending at the tip of the chin, it should be a perfect heart shape.

Eyeing it Right
The width of the eye should be three-tenths of the face; distance from the centre of the eye to the bottom of the eyebrow should be one-tenth the height of the face.

Mouthful of Beauty
The ideal mouth should be full and 50 percent of the width of the face, with the upper lip covering the gums and the teeth just touching the lower lip.

Chin Up
A perfect chin should be one-fifth the height of the face. A line drawn from tip of the chin to that of the nose should extend about 2cm from the upper lip.

That Perfect Nose
The nose should be less than 5 percent of the total area of the face. The angle of the bridge of the nose should form near the eyelashes.

The Right Curve
How small is your waist in comparison to the hips? Women with the WHR of 0.7-indicating a narrower waist than the hips- are considered most attractive.

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