Friday, January 30, 2009


An Indian man walks into a bank in
New York City and asks for the loan officer.
He tells the loan officer that he is going to India on business
for two weeks and needs to borrow $5,000.

The bank officer tells him that the bank
will need some form of security for the loan,
so the Indian man hands over the keys
and documents of new Ferrari parked
on the street in front of the bank.
He produces the title and everything checks out.
The loan officer agrees to accept
the car as collateral for the loan.

The bank's president and its officers
all enjoy a good laugh at the Indian
for using a $250,000 Ferrari
as collateral against a $5,000 loan.
An employee of the bank then
drives the Ferrari into the bank's
underground garage and parks it there.

Two weeks later, the Indian returns,
repays the $5,000 and the interest,
which comes to $15.41.
The loan officer says,
"Sir, we are very happy to have had your business,
and this transaction has worked out very nicely,
but we are a little puzzled.
While you were away,
we checked you out and found that you are a multi millionaire.
What puzzles us is, why would you bother to borrow "$5,000" ?

The Indian replies:

"Where else in New York City can I park my car
for two weeks for only $15.41
and expect it to be there when I return'"

Ah, the mind of the Indian...

This is why India is shining

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brain Drain, An Issue Of Most Concern To India

The term Brain drain gained popularity in the earlier 1970s. In simple terms Brain drain can be defined as the loss of skilled labour of a country to another. In our country this has been the issue of most concern. Here is why

1) First of all our country loses its productive workforce to foreign nations which would otherwise be used for our country’s development.
2) In the near future there is a possibility that our country may not have experts in certain fields.
3) We will lose our self reliancy.
4) Scientific advancements would not be possible without able people.
5) Hinders our economic growth.

Reasons for Brain drain:

Well the reason for Brain drain in any country is a complex phenomenon that is initiated by the following
1) Lack of sufficient research facilities at homeland.
2) Temptation to earn more abroad.
3) Lack of good infrastructure.
4) Temptation of high standard of living abroad.
5) Lack of government will in regulating policies regarding Brain drain.
And the list goes on and on.

To explain the future problems that Brain Drain could pose to our country in future let us consider IITs and IIMs.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru initiated the creation of IITs and IIMs during the five year plan in the hope of creating talented young minds that would benefit our country. It just so happened that in the initial stages, the country’s finest universities were producing able people who were the architect of our nation. But ever since the temptation to go abroad and earn more arose in the minds of students, serving the country came only second to earning more. Every year the Government spends in excess of 2lakh rupees for the education expenses of every student of IIT. But most of the students, the country’s finest are least bothered to pay back. They simply kill their conscience in the pursuit of money. MBA graduates from IIMs are hired to serve multinational corporations. Had they been utilized in public sectors think of the benefits our economy would reap. One of the reasons for Brain drain is that we Indians are more inclined towards developing our own standard of living and least bothered about the country’s.

Where is our national spirit, where is our identity and where is our will to serve our mother land”.

The government must consider the ill effects of Brain Drain. Our Government is more focused in generating short term revenue rather than focusing on long term development. There are no properly laid out rules that govern the emigration of students of IIT or IIMs. Take China for instance, a Bachelor degree holder cannot leave the country unless he works for the country for at least five years or redeem his degree by six thousand dollars. Such rules should be brought here if we want to stay in the race to the top of the world against china.

Remember “We are born in an unjust society, and we are not determined to leave it as we have found it”.

The solution to this problem is simple, have the spirit of serving your nation; after all she is the one who provided you with the resources for your development. It is unfair not to pay back. Think of the bright future that awaits us but only if serve our mother land. Be Indian, serve India. It is not too much to ask after all you are just doing your part. Think of all the freedom fighters that made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation’s development, had they been selfish do you think the fruits of freedom would be enjoyed by us?

Swami Vivekananda says Great works need sacrifices”. You do not need to make sacrifices, just listen to your conscience and do your part for our country’s development and in the next two generations we will lead the world. Jai hind.

For more information on the ill effects of Brain drain visit the following links

The views expressed here are longing dreams of the author and many more fellow Indians.

Friday, January 16, 2009

why Endhiran in hands of Sun network?

Hi people!
Do u know why Endhiran dropped by Ayngaran International? it is the million dollar question in recent days. I will get you the answer for this actually what has happened is for an action scene to be shot in Goa, the producers were forced to buy, on the insistence of the director, three brand new luxury cars-a Mercedes, BMW and an Audi, costing nearly Rs 3 crore, when they could have hired it! And the brand new Mercedes was blown up for an action scene, when they could have used a dummy! It was at this stage that AI decided that enough and wanted to wriggle out of the project.

Monday, January 12, 2009



24-25 Feb, 10-11 March : First knockout ound

7-8 April ; 14-15 April : Quaterfinals

28-29 April ; 5-6 May : Semifinals

27 May : Final



20 May : Final



12 Jan : FIFA World Player Gala 1008, Zurich

June 14-28 : FIFA Confederations Cup, Egypt

Sep 25 To Oct 16 :FIFA U-20 World Cup, Egypt

Dec 4-5 : Final Draw for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa

Dec 10-20 : FIFA Club World Cup, United Arab Emirates.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Book "O" Fest

hi friends!
Here is a grand news for all book bug's. The 32nd Chennai Book Fare has commenced on 8/01/09. At anglo indian higher sec. school opposite to pachayappa's college. It will last till 18/01/09. Week Days-2pm to 8.30pm, Holidays- 11am to 8.30pm.
I also present my readers the top 8 best sellers of 2008 with thier price tag.
White Tiger- Aravind Adiga-Rs395
Sea Of Poppies-Amitav Ghosh-Rs599
Unaccustomed Earth- Jhumpa Lahiri-Rs450
The Diary Of A Social Butterfly-Moni Mohsin-Rs195
The Private Patient an Adam Dalgiesh Mystery- James-Rs695
Imagining India-Nandan Nilekani-Rs699
The World is What it is-Patrick French-Rs1600
A Case of Exploding Mangoes-Mohammed Hanif-Rs395

Monday, January 5, 2009

GUD MORNING MADRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi.. friends.............
we are here for the 4th time after our 3 consecutive successful failures. hope this time we will survive here. In this new year we would have taken many resolutions & we will also try to follow it. but our resolution is to keep updating this blog continuously. hope we will make it. but we also know "Man Proposes God Disposes"



Jan25 to April3 - West Indies Vs England,4Tests,5ODIs,1T20

Jan11 to Jan30 -Australia Vs South Africa,5ODIs,2T20s

Feb20 to April 17 - South Africa Vs Australia,3Tests,5ODIs,2T20

March6 to April7 - India Vs New Zealand, 2Tests,5ODIs,1T20

April10 to May29 - Indian Premier League

June5 to June21 - ICC World Twenty 20, England

July8 to Sep20- The Ashes, England Vs Australia, 5 Tests,2T20s,7ODIs

July - Sri Lanka Vs Pakistan,3Tests,5ODIs

July/August - Sri Lanka Vs New Zealand, 2Tests,5ODIs

September - Champions League Twenty20, India

September - ICC Champions Trophy, Pakistan(tentative)

October - India Vs Australia, 7 ODIs

November - South Africa Vs England, 4Tests & 5ODIs

November- Australia Vs Pakistan, 3 Tests

November- India Vs Sri Lanka, 3Tests, 5ODIs

December - Australia Vs West Indies, 3Tests

Sunday, January 4, 2009


At a time the world stands united against terror, our politicians are busy taking advantage of this crisis. they seeking votes by accusing each others. why do our leaders fail to understand that our strength lies in our unity? Instead, they remain focused on dividing people in the name of religion. non-Maratha's helped rescue the hostages of 26/11 attack; the toll in this carnage's is not Mumbai's alone. how many more lives must we sacrifice before we speak out?

Jessica Alba in GOA!

venkat prabhu, the guy who does things differently, is looking for a heroine for his new film "Goa", produced by Soundarya rajinikanth's ocher per the story demands a foreigner as his heroine he has zeroed in on the fantastic four star Jessica Alba to play in his film. the movie also stars jai,premgi,vaibhav,aravind.