Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brain Drain, An Issue Of Most Concern To India

The term Brain drain gained popularity in the earlier 1970s. In simple terms Brain drain can be defined as the loss of skilled labour of a country to another. In our country this has been the issue of most concern. Here is why

1) First of all our country loses its productive workforce to foreign nations which would otherwise be used for our country’s development.
2) In the near future there is a possibility that our country may not have experts in certain fields.
3) We will lose our self reliancy.
4) Scientific advancements would not be possible without able people.
5) Hinders our economic growth.

Reasons for Brain drain:

Well the reason for Brain drain in any country is a complex phenomenon that is initiated by the following
1) Lack of sufficient research facilities at homeland.
2) Temptation to earn more abroad.
3) Lack of good infrastructure.
4) Temptation of high standard of living abroad.
5) Lack of government will in regulating policies regarding Brain drain.
And the list goes on and on.

To explain the future problems that Brain Drain could pose to our country in future let us consider IITs and IIMs.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru initiated the creation of IITs and IIMs during the five year plan in the hope of creating talented young minds that would benefit our country. It just so happened that in the initial stages, the country’s finest universities were producing able people who were the architect of our nation. But ever since the temptation to go abroad and earn more arose in the minds of students, serving the country came only second to earning more. Every year the Government spends in excess of 2lakh rupees for the education expenses of every student of IIT. But most of the students, the country’s finest are least bothered to pay back. They simply kill their conscience in the pursuit of money. MBA graduates from IIMs are hired to serve multinational corporations. Had they been utilized in public sectors think of the benefits our economy would reap. One of the reasons for Brain drain is that we Indians are more inclined towards developing our own standard of living and least bothered about the country’s.

Where is our national spirit, where is our identity and where is our will to serve our mother land”.

The government must consider the ill effects of Brain Drain. Our Government is more focused in generating short term revenue rather than focusing on long term development. There are no properly laid out rules that govern the emigration of students of IIT or IIMs. Take China for instance, a Bachelor degree holder cannot leave the country unless he works for the country for at least five years or redeem his degree by six thousand dollars. Such rules should be brought here if we want to stay in the race to the top of the world against china.

Remember “We are born in an unjust society, and we are not determined to leave it as we have found it”.

The solution to this problem is simple, have the spirit of serving your nation; after all she is the one who provided you with the resources for your development. It is unfair not to pay back. Think of the bright future that awaits us but only if serve our mother land. Be Indian, serve India. It is not too much to ask after all you are just doing your part. Think of all the freedom fighters that made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation’s development, had they been selfish do you think the fruits of freedom would be enjoyed by us?

Swami Vivekananda says Great works need sacrifices”. You do not need to make sacrifices, just listen to your conscience and do your part for our country’s development and in the next two generations we will lead the world. Jai hind.

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The views expressed here are longing dreams of the author and many more fellow Indians.

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