Tuesday, May 5, 2009


First of all I wish Ajith sir a many more happy returns of the day. Let god keep him & his family in good health.


 “Ultimate star” Ajith Kumar is celebrating his 38th birthday today. This year he has written an open letter to his fans stating that not to celebrate his birthday in view of the “inhuman conditions of Tamil in Sri Lanka”. Every year his fans will celebrate his birthday as a festival eve through his Ajith Kumar Narpani Iyyakam.

Mr.Ajith runs his own charity Mohini-Mani Foundations which was named after his parents. This foundation is doing lots of social works like planting the saplings, educating under privileged students, paying for treatment of poor patients. All these things are done by the star without any publicity or fan fare. This is not a well known fact. Some hero’s show their heroism on screen but a few like him are real heroes in real life. Proud to be a THALA fan. Thala pola varuma.

He’s a real Vaetaikaran of lots & lots of hearts.

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  1. asking to not to celebrate b'day becomes a fashion nowadays... remember this has been 1st started by KAMAL and still continues....so its not a gr8 thing... anyway being a thala fan, my hearty congrats to thala....And for ur blog too.... kp